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See what our clients have to say

"I was feeling tired a lot and I had lot of back problems and other Problems until I did Ancestral Medicinals Detox. I did the two week cleanse and after completing the cleanse I had a lot of energy and my back problems went away."

Cynthia Dear

"I had a blood clot in my uterus that cause me to bleed continuously for two weeks. It caused my energy to be low and have dizzy spells. So the doctors did D and C to scrape the entire clot out and they said that this would stop the bleeding. Well after the surgery I was still bleeding. So I decided to do Detox 7 for one week and after I completed the program the bleeding stopped, and I felt 100% better."

Lavenia R.

"I was diagnose with hepatitis c and the doctor said it couldnt be treated I was scared my sister told me about Ancestral Medicinals and she did their detox and it helped. So I called Ancestral Medicinals explained the problem and they suggest I do a two week Cleanse so after completed the two cleanse I went back to doctor to get tested again. The Doctor told me I was tested negative for hepatitis c he couldnt believe it he ask what did I do. I have to thank Ancestral Medicinals for their help and lots of support."

Angela D.

"I have to say the products from Acestral Medicinals is absolutely dynamic I did a 7 day Detox. It was easy and smooth I was able to eliminate least two inches off my waste, the product was fantastic. I highly recommend it for who wants to Detox or get their self in shape."

Tehuti Dishman

"I am doing the Detox program for the second time, the first time the results I got were hard to believe. I dont have any health issues, I cleanse because I understand the importance of cleansing and detoxification. I have done a number of cleanses, but nothing compares to the results I got from doing Detox 14. My skin cleared up, my energy improved by 1000%, my body feels much lighter, it doesnt take as much food for me to get full, my stomach is half the size it use to be. The biggest thing to me is I feel like I am 21 again, I am a customer for life."

Ronald West

"My name is Brenda Marshall I did the 14 day detox with Ancestral Medicinals it worked very well for me I lost 12 pounds, I was a border line diabetic my blood sugar is now under control, I was on cholesterol medication,I no longer have to take a pill for that or high blood pressure. I totally recommend this Detox to anyone who wants to get their health in check."

Brenda Marshall

"I was a diabetic and taking insulin for over 10 years. I was overweight and had little energy. I completed Ancestral Medicinal's 7-Day Detox Program and lost 15 lbs. It worked so well that I decided to repeat the program and lost an additional 15 lbs. I experienced more energy than I had in over 10 years, and was eventually able to stop taking insulin. I maintained my normal glucose levels and increased energy with other Ancestral Medicinals products such as Gluco-Aide, Energy Nutrition and Spirulina."

Inell S.

"My husband and I did full detox for 21 days, it was rather intense, but I lost a total of 25 pounds and my husband lost 28. The detox was a spring board for us to changing our diet, and drinking alkaline water, my energy is much better my skin has cleared up , and i have lost a total of 50 pounds. I will do the detox at least 2x a year, it has help me improve my health 1000%."

Sharon H. 

"I thought I did need a detox because i have been a vegan for more than 5 years, but a friend of mine convince me to do a detox. I was amazed at how much waste material come out in 14 days, I went to the bathroom at least 5 times a day for  2 weeks!!!! I did know that much waste could be in one person especially me being a vegetarian.The stuff that come out looked like it was from another world. I am now  convince everyone needs to detox."

Denise R.

"I have done just about all the detox products on the market, with most having good results. I can say with a doubt that the detox14 program was but far the most intense, but it really works. The results I got were outstanding, around day 8+ 9, I remove some parasites from my body. I would recommend this detox program to anyone interesting doing a  cleanse that really work!"

Micheal T.

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