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Ancestral Medicinals believes that your health is your prosperity. Without "Good" health, you will not experience the joys and energy of life. This will prohibit you from doing your job effectively and keep you from enjoying the things you love to do. We would like to bring health back to the forefront, just like the old days, when fast food was not so fast, and a home cooked meal was really cooked.
Marc Haygood, President and Founder of Ancestral Medicinals, is an herbalist, and a practicing nutritionist. He has a B.B.A. in marketing from the University of Notre Dame and has been doing health consultations for over a decade. In 1994 he helped establish Akebulan Whole Foods, a community support natural food co-op. This co-ops purpose was to provide natural products and education to the community. He has experience in dealing with most major diseases such as: cancer, hypertension, lupus, diabetes, etc. He has done health seminars, appeared on cable access, on the radio, and has written health related articles for several local papers.
He has extensive knowledge of wild plants and trees. He does herbal tours during the summer for the Garvey Fest and other community events. And he grows, packages, and makes his own herbal formulas. He is the founder of Ancestral Medicinals, which has it own line of herbal products.
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