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Ingredients: Psyllium Seed, and Psyllium Husk

Description: Psyllium (sill-ee-yum) is a fibrous bulking agent that is derived from the seed and seed husks of plants from the genus Plantago. Psyllium is very high in soluble fiber, which is one of the reasons it has been used for digestive health. It is also rich in mucilage. Psyllium’s mucilage expands tenfold upon contact with water or juice to form a gelatinous mass. This helps to keep the feces soft and bulky, making it easier to pass through the system. Psyllium’s mild laxative affect is mild enough to be used on a regular basis. Also because it adds bulk to the stool, it helps with diarrhea symptoms. Since we use both the seed and the husk, the mixture is concentrated so you only need to use teaspoons instead of tablespoons.


We are one the few companies that use both the seed and husk of psyllium. Psyllium when combined with Bentonite acts as an appetite suppressant, it also absorbs up to forty times its weight in toxic material. Metamucil is a popular commercial psyllium product that is sold over the counter.

The one precaution for Psyllium’s use is to make sure at least 16oz of water is consumed.

When combined with Liquid Bentonite, Psyllium Seed Husk Powder can further help detoxify the digestive tract.** It sweeps through the intestinal tract binding toxins and removing loosened mucoid plaque and other debris as they exit the body.**


  • Not for use by pregnant or nursing women or children under 12. People taking prescription medication should consult their physician prior to use. Make sure to drink at least 16oz. of water.

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