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Designed for those of you who want a quick tune-up or an introduction to detoxification.


This program was designed for people on the go to incorporate cleansing into their lifestyle. It usually takes more than a week for your body to move into Detox mode. This program is a good way to detox when you don't have the time or desire for Detox 14. While this detox is effective, don’t expect the same dramatic results that most people experience with the full program.


You can expect to feel an over-all sense of rejuvenation, more energy and better sleep.


Each Detox 7 kit includes:

  • Colon sweep 100 vegi caps
  • Detox 100 vegi-caps
  • Energy Nutriton 8 oz.
  • Psylluim Seed Husk powder 12 oz. Liquid Bentonite 32 oz.
  • Step by step instructions


Most people find they can tailor our cleansing programs to meet the demands of their daily routines of work, home-life and recreation. From the Mildest phase to the Master phase, choose the schedule that works best for you. Of course the deeper you go, the greater results you will see.

Spirulina 8oz. (optional)

copy of DETOX 7

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