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Tune up your Immune

We quickly approaching our winter season, aka, cold and flu season!

Age, stress, and poor nutrition can sap our immune system of its effectiveness. The impact of aging on the immune system is profound. As people age, a number of critical immune system components are reduced or slowed, including cellular response, response to vaccines, and antibody production.

At the same time, susceptibilities to infection and cancer are increased. Some of this increased susceptibility to disease is linked to chronic inflammation, which is associated with many disorders of aging.

Age, however, isn't the sole culprit in reduced immune function. There is no question that exercise, stress, and nutritional status play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Consider just a few of the research findings:

 Dietary deficiencies and malabsorption alter metabolism and exacerbate chronic disorders. An imbalance in the intake of dietary fat, carbohydrate, and protein can contribute to the development of diseases. On the other hand, there is overwhelming evidence of the benefits of a good diet on reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

 Malnutrition causes a decline in immune function and increased susceptibility to infection. Likewise, a vitamin or mineral deficiency can suppress immune system function. Correct choices of supplements, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, and botanicals have been shown to boost immunity and may also reduce the risk of diseases in healthy Individuals.

 Psychological health influences the immune system and the course of many diseases. Depression, stress, and anxiety increase the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the blood, which in turn can compromise, depress, or suppress the immune system.

 High levels of anxiety are associated with decreased immune function.

 Chronic stress can provoke long-term increases in pro-inflammatory chemicals. For example, caregiving for a relative with a serious medical condition results in long-term immune suppression among women.

 Chronic stress from persistent marital problems, burnout at work, and lengthy unemployment can also lead to immune alterations that persist for years.

Ancestral Medicinal believes that most adults should take prospective action to bolster their immune function. This means reducing negative psychological stress; following a moderate, long-term exercise program; and following a diet and consuming nutrients that have been shown to enhance the immune response and promote health.

Our Immune Tune is a 100% natural plant based support designed to help the body naturally build the immunity - unlike the medical model that injects you with the disease to build up your immune function. With a stronger immune function our body’s defense systems are stronger and the body is able to deal with colds and flu. Immune Tune shortens the duration of existing infections and provides greater resistance to colds and flu.

For more information on natural health and wellness and to purchase or find out about our products go to

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