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Diabetes/ Blood Pressure

Diabetes is a DIS-ease that is caused by eating too many processed foods, starch and sugar. Contrary to western science the main purpose of the Pancreas is to release insulin into the blood stream to balance the blood sugar. The pancreas performs this function out of necessity because of the S.A.D. ( standard American diet). The result is the pancreas becomes overworked and enlarges( people in the US pancreas' size on average is twice the size it is suppose to be). The first step in healing both conditions is to detoxify. Detoxification helps elimination organs such as the liver and kidneys, to remove toxins, so they can help to remove waste from the body. Once the waste and toxins are removed the body can balance the blood sugar, and normalize the pressure. We have products that are 100% plant based to assist the body in this process: Gluco-Aide and Blood Pressure Relief. Cayenne by itself will not normalize the pressure because it not just about circulation, High pressure in the blood is the result of waste material in the blood stream that is not being eliminated properly. The waste causes the blood to get thick making the heart have to pump harder. The extra burden on the heart creates pressure in the system and causes the heart to enlarge, another organ that is being overworked due to SAD, this is the short version of why!!!!

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